Written by: Dana Tunney

There was a doozie of a Rock n' Roll party Friday night at Joe's Apartment, with a few pictures to prove it. Kudos to the team at Rednyne Productions/The Live Agency for bringing Dead Rivals, Dark Stone, Mob Machine and Strip; all very dynamic, energetic and show pleasing bands together on one stage that even Monster Energy Music would be proud of, and finally take a look at our Vancouver bands to hold their next festival. The rock music fans and many others of Vancouver's very fine and talented musicians were out in full force to support their brothers to a packed venue. Members from Dead City Scandal, TNT, Red Thieves, One Left Alive, Marry Me and many more added to the fun, camaraderie, and hoopla that made it a GREAT night.

Some of the photos I have posted in this blog are done by Trav Anema from Trav A Photography and will be featured in my Wednesday special feature. His photos capture the true emotions and essence of Rock n' Roll, along with a profile on One Left Alive who have a show coming up at The Red Room on April 18, which is going to be a Rocking show you don't want to miss. I've mentioned in other posts but it is worth repeating, Vancouver has the best ROCK scene and an exceptional amount of talented musicians!


This was my first time seeing and hearing Dead Rivals, it turns out this was their first live performance. Verdict won't be their last. Carlo Fiorenzo Sepe admitting that the nerves were there did not show on stage. The band put on a very fine performance of original and covers. The cheering sounds of their fans that came to support them show that they have a sound that will definitely attract more fans and gigs. Being very new to our music scene and social media I do encourage reader's to check out their Facebook and twitter to keep a breast of when and where they will be next and hopefully soon we can hear their songs on Bandcamp or Soundcloud. Well done Dead Rival you definitely have some life in you.


This is the third time I have seen and now written about Dark Stone and very happy to say each time it's the polished performance of professionals that you can count on. The vitality and energy of the quartet is tight and strong, their sound is destined to be included in the class of classics. One listen to Tomorrow or Slave you will agree those songs stick in your head in a good way! I have come to admired and respect these four guys; Matt and Jason Mintenko, Kato von Essen (seriously the coolest name in music) and Stephan Grabowski, they are a musical force to be reckoned with and take centre stage.

Two bands inspired my very first blog; Mob Machine was one of them. I have so much elation for this bands music. Straight up, chest pounding, intensified and electrified, bass booming rock music that causes localized heat-increasing reaction, in other words a party spontaneously combusts when these guys show up. Add the fact that their music is high powered unequivocally genuine rock sound with a no holds barred passion and appetite to rock, Mob Machine is ready to take the world on and will succeed. Their music built on the respect and admiration for rock bands such as The Cult, Velvet Revolver and Aerosmith, these members of Mob Machine; Johnny de Farias - lead vocals, Yuj  - guitar, Rafa Bianzeno - guitar, Richie Lee Derksen - bass and Dayvid Swart - drummer created their own flavor of hard rock music which is hedonistic ear candy that proves Rock Is NOT dead. I could go on and on about this band, they rock and they rock it deliciously LOUD!


Strip is also another first for look and me forward to hearing them again. The stage at Joe's Apartment is a tad on the small size, but that doesn't stop Dougy, TC and Butterfly maximizing every inch with their boisterous, octane injected, passion filled stage presence. Although you can't see the drummer that entire well you certainly can hear him, Joey has a lot of fun pounding those skins and the sound is stellar. Been talking with Dougy Nes, when we see each other at other shows, you definitely get the sense these guys are afire to give the audience a show to remember. To the delight of their fans they will be having more of their music available soon, until then be sure to check out their single Struttin you'll get your strut going. The fans and new ones gained last night were not disappointed in these renegade rockers, STRIP is here to stay and have more to give so get ready to rock. Check out their social media sites for some upcoming exciting news for the guys.